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Part aerospace

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A better paddle board 

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In the mid-2000s, an individual on Mission Control at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston found himself in charge of a research and development lab, holding several patents and working on advanced spacecraft "center of gravity" systems. 

Fast forward to early 2017...he fell off a paddle board while on vacation with his family. 

So, with all the experience and resources he had at NASA, he decided to make a better paddle board.

Welcome to the Leslie Lightcraft Co.


The Leslie Lightcraft is a new type of paddle board. It's easier to get on, it's more stable and can hold more weight than current paddle boards on the market.  To ride it is like standing on the deck of a boat instead of like trying to balance on a tight rope.

There's a lot of science behind it all, but what really matters in the end...anyone at any skill level or anyone with any body type can explore the world around them.


United States Patent  Pending


From pencil to prototype


What's Next?

First Quarter, 2019 Production Target

March 2019:

We've come a long way since the inventor fell off a paddle board in 2017.  Initial sketches and formulas to CAD renderings and prototype testing have all evolved quickly over the past few months.  Filings with the the federal and state governments, trademarks, patent applications are all in good order. 

We are currently working with a United States manufacturer for production, our marketing and investment efforts are ramping up and we are engaging both domestic and international distributors.  Stay tuned to our website, Facebook page and Instagram account for all the latest information as we press towards a Q1, 2019 release.

For more information, investment, media questions or distribution inquires, contact Christopher Leslie at

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